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Summer Camps

Clay and Art summer camps

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At Manna Pottery summer camp, we work to create a safe environment and fun skill-building experiences for kids! Art education is essential for developing the mind and body, and our camp offers events that will enhance social skills and increase self-confidence.

Creative expression is essential to a young child's life, and Manna Pottery's qualified art teachers encourage kids to explore their imaginations without limits. Our art camps can help them beat their summer boredom and give them new and fun experiences. The friends they will meet and the pottery they will create will give them a lifetime of memories perfectly preserved in clay. For a happy and fun-filled experience, you can always count on Manna Pottery!​

Manna Pottery is a haven for creativity, offering Painting Your Pottery, pottery workshops, Clay & Art Summer Camps for kids and teens, party space for birthdays and events, and a gallery of our unique hand-painted ceramics for when you want to add some art to your collection or need a gift. Immerse yourself in the world of ceramics and arts at Manna Pottery, where self-expression and artistic discovery meet.

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