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Hand made Tiles

How we order a custom made Tiles

Tiles were the first sign of been luxury after we moved from caves to homes and palaces. We can call it one of the first arts to treat it with passion and put our time and soul in it. There have been many historical events captured by tiles, and now they are accepted as a secure document to prove an event in time. Especially after Christianity, most churches decorated walls and roofs with biblical stories painted on Tiles, and in Islam, they adorn all the mosques walls with geometric and symmetric designs. Now we want tile just as a part of our decoration. And it will bring a lot of pieces to our homes. Now I mix all designs in my way together. I don't want to stay in one style. The idea of most of my order tiles comes from our first conversation with my customer. I try to understand them by listening to them. By choice of the colors and designs that they like, I can know what they want. Of course, a couple of pictures of their living room and kitchens, if they have, would help a lot to understand better. 

Contact as if you need to decorate your homes with beautifully hand-designed subway tiles. Or if you want to hang some tiles framed with copper as a wall piece. Just keep in mind that you can order in any size, any design, and any color. 

Please do not hesitate to call at any time.

hand-painted ceramic tiles samples 


24" by 47" ceramic Tile. I called Manna Rug tile. I designed it base on the history of Mannaeans. one of my customers loved this design but they wanted a larger size with a little change of the collars witch I did the one that you can see it at the video on the top of the page.


contact Us any time if you are in need of any;

hand-painted personalized mugs, plates, Bowls, Tiles, and any gift for your family or friends.

Thanks! Message sent.

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