Rezgar Mamandi

Manna Pottery is a collection of unique, hand-painted functional Tiles and different shapes of ceramics. Our authentic products could be customized for you and your loved ones. Manna Pottery's mission is to celebrate your special occasion with a unique and hand-painted piece of art.  Art is the most precious gift for the most precious ones!


Inspiration comes from cultures all over the world, particularly from architecture and nature, where I was born and grew up with a distinct admiration of the history I saw in the objects that surrounded me from an ancient civilization.


Mannea. Yes, I am Rezgar Mamandi, and from a tiny town, Rabat in the northwest of Kurdistan of Iran comes back to Mannea. I began painting as a child in my hometown. As Thomas Merton says: "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

Since I was a kid, Painting for me was the most secure part of my hobbies. Somewhere that I could be myself and I could be the only crater in my world. I was telling my stories and paint them. Till today it is working in the same way. For creating anything, you should have a story first. In a more extensive view, each of us living inside endless stories. We will enjoy our life way more when we understand our stories and each other's stories. Each shade of color has a story. And the world has an endless tone of colores.  As Kurdish poet, Sherko Bekas says: " We are beautiful when we are different in tests and smells of the colores." 

Where Is Manna-Pottery Derived From? 

Hand-painted tile found in Lands of Manna.
The word Manna is derived from Mannea, an ancient civilization that dates back to the 7 to 10 centuries BC and is located in the northwest region of Kurdistan, Iran. The ceramic products are one of the most remarkable artifacts found in archaeological sites of this civilization. These objects are completely hand-painted, shaped of clay and purposely made of fired clay. Furthermore, it is so remarkable how these pots are extremely durable and have lasted thousands of years since their date of manufacture, virtually unchanged. The choice of Manna was inspired by its history.

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