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Pottery workshops

Pottery Workshops by wheels and hand bulding pottery


Learn the basics of wheel-thrown and trimming ceramics in these two class sessions. You will learn how to throw "off the hump" and cut all pots that you made. After we fire them, we will let you know they are ready to paint. You can come to our studio any time you want (free of charge) and have access to all supplies and glazes so you can paint them how you want. By the end, we will glaze and fire your beautifully painted pots. All skills will transfer to throwing larger forms. This two-day course would be an excellent place for beginners to start. After this class, you can come any time you want to rent a wheel and practice to shape your skills better.

We will have some open studio days on our website so that you can reserve your wheel, or you can call Manna Pottery to find out if any wheel is available for the day you want to practice.

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