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Carolee Stearns

Carolee is a science teacher and ceramic artist who loves combining her passions for art and teaching. With a degree in Biology and Middle School Education, Carolee has 25 years of experience teaching science, math, art, and ceramics to preschoolers through adults in private schools, public schools, community centers, homeschool co-ops, ceramics studios, and Girl Scout camps.

"I've always been an eclectic artist who enjoys exploring different mediums. I first tried ceramics at a community center in Fairfax as an excuse to get out of the house when my children were little 23 years ago. It has grown into one of my favorite creative outlets, thanks to the opportunity to work in several local ceramics studios."

As the Vice President of Loudoun Empty Bowls, Carolee uses her art to give back to the community and encourages other ceramic artists to do the same.

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