Manna Pottery is a collection of unique, hand-painted, lad free, glazed, and decorative and functional ceramics reproduced from 7th-century originals. Hand-painted figures and patterns, shapes, and colors of our ceramics print from ancient motives of Manea art: Our authentic products will be customized for you, your loved ones, and any occasion. Manna Pottery‘s mission is to celebrate your special occasion with a unique and hand-painted piece of art. This collection takes great pride in offering various items, Plates and trays, vases and jars, decorated tiles, cups, animals, and much more. We believe everyone adores to have a piece of art. Inspiration comes from cultures all over the world, and in particular from architecture and nature where I was born and grew up with a distinct admiration of the history I saw in the objects that surrounded me from an ancient civilization,

Rezgar Mamandi

Mannea. Yes, I am Rezgar Mamandi and from a very small town, Rabat in the northwest of Kurdistan of Iran comes back to Mannea. I began painting as a child in my hometown. As Thomas Merton says: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Art has the power to touch you deep in your soul. It stirs the emotions and connects you with creativity and beauty. Art is available to us in everything we do, it is a creative way of being.

That creativity can express itself in an infinite number of ways. I’ve tasted the food, worn clothes, walked through a garden, and sat in a classroom, and on each of these occasions, I felt nothing less than the beauty of an artist being expressed in a creative format.

Having been found artifacts at archaeological sites of this civilization in my hometown, My passion for ceramic art has grown stronger. Living in Turkey for about 4 years, my focus was on ceramics. I learned all the ceramic art techniques and since then I have continued to work on. I create original functional and decorative ceramic works. Each piece is one-of-a-kind with an ancient, yet still contemporary look which is achieved by using lead-free, high fire oxidation glaze, and colors. Lead-free, high fire oxidation. All dinnerware is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.

It is obvious that everybody adores a dinner table with handmade ceramic pieces. online gift delivery

Where Is Manna-Pottery Derived From? 

Hand-painted tile found in Lands of Manna.
The word Manna is derived from Mannea, an ancient civilization that dates back to the 7 to 10 centuries BC and is located in the northwest region of Kurdistan, Iran. The ceramic products are one of the most remarkable artifacts found in archaeological sites of this civilization. These objects are completely hand-painted, shaped of clay and purposely made of fired clay. Furthermore, it is so remarkable how these pots are extremely durable and have lasted thousands of years since their date of manufacture, virtually unchanged. The choice of Manna was inspired by its history.

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