why I oppend this section?

In my four years of visiting back home, I brought back some handmade Kurdish Rugs and Balouch Jewelry for sharing with my followers every year. Also, supporting those women who, in their free time, play with collars and create some beautiful Art. each piece takes passion and hours of their time.

Finally, this year I have enough to open two sections in my online store.

what is Balouch needlework?

The main concept of Balouch needlework in appearance is in the form of regular geometric shapes embroidered on the cloth. It is mainly based on the natural elements of the environment. 

It takes hours of passion for making one piece. It is a gift from beauty or Baouchy women's hearts to your world.

 Balochi embroidery is regarded as an ancient handicraft that passes from one generation to the other one. The craft is native to Balochistan, celebrating a nomadic lifestyle.